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Since 1805, this congregation has been a leading Christian presence in the City of New Orleans. We seek to know Christ and make him known in Liturgy, Music, Formation, Fellowship and Service. I hope you will join us in person or digitally via the radio, web, Facebook, and/or Twitter.

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An excerpt from the pastoral letter from Bishop Thompson:

. . . The number one goal is to be safe when we do gather. This means following the guidelines issues by the Governor and the medical community. However, even though the Governor has allowed churches to gather indoors at 25% occupancy, the Diocese of Louisiana will not. My reasoning is based squarely in the safety of our clergy and congregations. Please continue using electronic meetings and worship services. Mayor Cantrell refers to this as, "Safest at Home" during the Phase 1 of reentry... I will revisit this decision after the governor issues his next set of guidelines the first week of June. We will communicate this clearly in our weekly meetings.

I realize there are some demonimations that will begin worshiping indoors very soon and that some of you may be encouraged by your parishioners to follow suit. We will not. We are still in conversation with qualified health professionals about how to do this safely. In addition, I do not want to put any of you in the position of having to "police" your neighbors to control those who with to attend.

+ Morris K. Thompson




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May 31, 2020

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