Christian Education

Sunday School

Christian Education for Children is held at 9:55am in the Dean’s Parlor.


Paul and the Origin of the Christian Faith
For many of us the story of our faith is the narrative of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.  That is a very good start of an understanding of our faith, but the whole story is much more complex—and in many ways more fulfilling than the Gospel narratives alone can excite a vibrant understanding of the Christian faith in history and at present.

We will explore the role of the Apostle Paul articulated in the emerging Christian faith in his letters to the early churches in Asian Minor and lastly in Rome.  All of Paul’s letters predate the first written Gospel (that of Mark) and, interestingly, Paul has little to say about the events in the life and teachings of Jesus—he was interested in articulating the meaning of Jesus’ life and death, not the events of his life. An understanding of what Paul shared with the early churches is crucial to a fuller understanding of what the Gospel stories about Jesus meant to the early church and to Christians today.

The classes were offered by our Canon Theologian, The Reverend Dr. David Lowry

A one-time, comprehensive presentation of this study was originally scheduled February 19 — but will be rescheduled. Lunch will be provided.

The original 5 sessions will be available on the Cathedral YouTube channel.

The Chosen at CCCNOLA!

Our Lenten offering of Christian Education will include a recent series called The Chosen. It’s a series based on the life of Jesus, done in a style that authentically connects to the Bible and to the Middle East of the first century. The filmmakers have consulted with a number of Biblical scholars and have put together exceptional portrayals of Jesus’ ministry. A number of parishioners have seen all or part of the series, and have found it very compelling.

Advent House will sponsor weekly gatherings. Brother Todd Van Alstyne and Les Leathem will lead the program. Each week, we’ll watch one episode while having a light soup supper, followed by discussion of the episode.

The program takes place in the Martin Room (next to Stuart Hall) on Thursday evenings. We start with soup/salad/bread at 6:30pm while we watch the episode, and follow the hour-long viewing with a discussion of about 45 minutes or so. Each episode stands alone, so you can join in at any time. We do ask that you register by emailing Br. Todd so we can prepare appropriately.