Garden Windows Restoration

The restoration project for the garden windows behind the altar is underway! Removal of the glass occurred during the week of September 11. As Dean DuPlantier said the following Sunday, we are seeing a view that most likely no one has ever seen before. How so? Those windows were installed in the cathedral during its original construction. They were removed for some hurricanes in the past, but at the time, plywood filled the spaces where the windows were…

This time, though, when the windows were removed, we got a different view: Work in the 60’s resulted in in installation of a protective clear layer behind (on the outside of) the stained glass. So now we have a view of the trees behind the church!

The garden windows are on their way to be restored at Conrad Schmidt Studios in Wisconsin. The artists who removed them told us that we were very close to complete failure of the windows. They also told us that with well over 100 years of exposure to the elements, we will notice a remarkable difference in color and brilliance when they are reinstalled.

Thanks to all who have made this possible. We are looking forward to their return by the First Sunday of Advent.