Current members: Very Rev David DuPlantier, Amanda George, Les Leathem, Charles Meade, Judson Mitchell


This committee manages all aspects of finance for the parish. It is also responsible to recommend to the Vestry business methods, to report on proposals to buy, sell, lease, or encumber property of the parish, and to report on all matters of finance.

Current members: Borden Wallace (chair), Amanda George (Treasurer and Vice Chair), Alan Brackett, Very Rev David DuPlantier, Boyd Fink, Charles Meade, Jennifer O’Brien-Brown, John Sibal, Karen Whitfield


The property committee is responsible for supervision of all of the property of the church. The committee recommends repairs, additions, and alterations to the property as needed along with estimates of cost; manages such projects; and supervises work of the subcommittees listed here:

  • Insurance
  • Housekeeping
  • Memorials and Gifts
  • Garden

Current members: Curtis Herring (Chair), Sandy Jackson (Vice Chair), Chris Brown, Jethro Celestin, Les Leathem, David O’Leary, Mimi O’Leary, John Sibal, Greg Smith, Bill Soileau, Karen Whitfield

Christian Formation

The duties of the Christian Formation Committee are to supervise the administration of the Christian Education program within the Cathedral.


The Legal Committee advises the Vestry on all legal matters.

Current Members: Alan Brackett (Chancellor). Membership is fluid based on circumstance.


Support of the Cathedral’s programs are the responsibility of this committee. They plan and execute the annual canvas of the congregation to ensure that every member has the opportunity to contribute time, talent, and treasure to support the work of the Cathedral.

Current members: Very Rev David DuPlantier, Les Leathem, Jennifer O’Brien-Brown

Ad Hoc Committees

Additional committees may be formed by the Dean to address particular areas of need in the community. Currently, these committees comprise:

Advent House

This committee oversees the activity of the center for spiritual direction offered to members of the parish and the diocese.

Current members: Julio Figueroa (Chair), Very Rev David DuPlantier, Maria Elliott, Kendall Genre, Ralph Howe

Congregational Development

Growing the community of Christ Church is this committee’s charge. Committee members plan church events and gatherings designed to foster and build the church family.

Current members: Les Leathem (Chair), Kelly Demarco, Boyd Fink, Meryl Fink, Amanda George, Jesse George, Debbie Kerr-Leathem, David Miller


The Hospitality committee plans and organizes special events along with weekly Coffee Hour after the 10AM service.

Current members: Annette Figueroa (Co-Chair), Judith Loudon (Co-Chair). Membership is fluid based on the event


Oversight of the music program at Christ Church Cathedral is this committee’s purpose: weekly musical offerings plus special concert offerings at the Cathedral

Current members: Mike Corcoran (Chair), Justin Allen, Jarrett Follette, Mark Loudon, Jennifer O’Brien Brown